Reveal Survey

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Patterson Park Church is in the middle of a two-week survey on spiritual vitality in our congregation. This survey was first used by a well-known mega-church to help them assess how well they were doing in fulfilling Christ’s mandate to make disciples. It has since been used by hundreds of churches and a million congregants throughout the US.

Ministry leaders will use the results of our survey to shape our vision and strategy for making disciples here at Patterson Park Church. We know that the survey results will be a mixed bag: we’ll get some encouraging news and we see some blind spots revealed. But this is what we need to do if we want to serve and lead our people intelligently and well.

Our plan was to launch the survey Sunday with an announcement at the morning service. When we had to cancel services, we wondered if we would need to reschedule the survey to ensure that we could get enough responses to be statistically viable.

We posted a video on our Facebook page Tuesday morning to remind everyone about the survey, and by Wednesday morning more than 70 people had taken it. By Thursday, we had almost a hundred responses, well on our way to our goal of a minimum of 250 responses!

Thanks to all of you who have already taken the survey. Spread the word to your friends from PPC: the higher our response rate, the clearer the picture we’ll get of how we are doing in fulfilling Jesus’ last command.

To take the survey, click here and follow the instructions. It will take about 15-20 minutes.

When you answer the questions, please be candid. Don’t answer according to your aspirations (what you hope someday to do) but according to your actual present habits and practices. And don’t give the answers you think the leaders want to see. Your answers will be totally anonymous; all the leaders will see will be aggregated totals, not individual responses.

Thanks for your help in giving our leaders a clearer picture of what we can do better to make disciples at Patterson Park Church.