Living Out My Faith at Work

Have you ever wondered how to connect Sunday morning to Monday morning? We gather on Sundays (weather permitting) and study God’s Word and worship and pray together; we gather in groups and classes to encourage one another and learn together. But how does all that translate to our workaday world, where we mix with people who don’t share our faith and worldview?

Matt Williams has wondered the same thing.

Matt is attending seminary, hoping one day to be in vocational ministry. But right now he works as a manager in a medical office. So he’s had to think through how God can use him now, where he is.

Matt’s article, “Eight Principles That Help Me Live Out My Faith at Work,” explores what it means to integrate his faith and his ministry into his workplace environment.

You might expect that he would spend a lot of time talking about how to provoke and conduct spiritual conversations with co-workers. That is one of his eight principles (#3), where he struggles with the question of how to do evangelism without antagonizing either his co-workers or his boss.

His other seven principles, though, cast a broader vision for seeing the workplace as an arena for faithful service beyond the realm of evangelism.

Some surprises:

#1: I don’t pray for a good day.

#7: I’m grateful for the church.

Read “Eight Principles That Help Me Live Out My Faith at Work.” How can you integrate your faith in your daily workplace experience?