That lyric, “let every heart prepare him room,” is from the well-known Christmas hymn “Joy to the World," yet those words are also the cry of our hearts as we look prepare our hearts for the Easter season, as we remember the suffering and celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord.

Those of us who grew up in church may remember Easter as the one special Sunday of the year when we could expect to wear new clothes to church and find Easter eggs (the best ones made of chocolate), but Easter is far more than a special Sunday; Easter is the Sunday that we celebrate every Sunday.

Have you ever wondered why believers gather on Sunday mornings? Sunday was to early Christians what Monday is to us: the first day of the work week. Very early in the history of the church Christ-followers began to gather on the first day of the week, before work, to commemorate what happened that Sunday when Jesus rose from the dead.
For the believer, every Sunday is a remembrance of that first Resurrection Sunday.

These seven readings are designed to help us prepare our hearts to make room for our annual celebration of the Sunday that launched all our Sundays. For each reading, there is a Scripture reading, a meditation, and a prayer. Use these readings in your own time alone with God or with your family or small group to focus your mind and imagination on the most important events in the history of mankind: the Suffering, Death, and Resurrection of Christ.

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