Welcome to Fall Bible Study!  

Join us as we dig into God's Word together each week.  Experience refreshment, renewal,
and encouragement as you meet new friends and allow the Lord to work in your heart.

We offer classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and Tuesday evenings each week.
Class descriptions and registration information are available below for each class.
The cost of each class covers the book and/or materials.  If you already have a book for the class you'd like to join,
please email Sara Langley to let her know so that you won't be charged the registration fee. 

Tuesday Morning 9-11 am

September 11 - November 13

Childcare is available.

Tuesday Evening 7-8:30 pm

September 11 - november 13

Thursday Morning 9-11 am

September 13 - November 15

Childcare is available.