Q. Where does the church have its roots?

North Riverdale Grace Brethren Church planted Patterson Park Church in south Dayton in 1949.  PPC became a non-denominational Bible church in 1978.

Q. What version of the Bible do you use?

Our people use the Bible they are most comfortable with, but for our pulpit ministry we use the English Standard Version.

Q. How many pastors do you have?

We do not have a senior pastor but instead govern by a plurality of elders. There are five Pastors and six non-vocational Elders. These eleven men make up the elder council, which governs the fellowship.

Q. What is the music like at Patterson Park Church?

For the most part our music is a mixture of traditional and contemporary. We do not use hymn books since the lyrics are on the screen, but the songs are typically familiar hymns, often medleys done to new arrangements. Most Sundays we have choir and orchestra, but typically one week each month we have a praise band which does more contemporary numbers.

Q. How do people dress for church on Sunday mornings? 

There is no formal or informal dress code at Patterson Park Church. Our folks dress all the way from very casual to coats and ties. We do not want anyone’s dress style to get in the way of his or her worshipping the Lord.

Q. What ministries do you have for men?

In addition to various small groups that meet on weekday mornings, our Men’s Fraternity meets Wednesday mornings at 6 and Wednesday evenings at 6:30. More information is available on our website (pattersonpark.org) and at the Welcome Desk in the main lobby.

Q. When and where do your Women’s Bible Studies meet? Is there just one study or do you have a choice?

Our women’s Bible studies meet Tuesday mornings, Tuesday evenings, and Thursday mornings. More information is available on our website (pattersonpark.org) and at the Welcome Desk in the main lobby.

Q. What is your strategy for outreach in the local community?

We hold larger community events such as Christmas at the Park (our music and drama presentation in early December) and the annual (August) Good Neighbor 5K Run, and we also provide outreach opportunities through our weekly prison ministry and Friday night recovery ministry. But our main thrust for outreach is encouraging and training our people to focus on neighborhood outreach. We believe hospitality is the key to reaching our neighbors and co-workers.

Q. What Sunday School classes are available? What are the ages of the members of the Sunday School classes? What are the various classes studying? Who teaches which S.S. class?

Classes meet both first hour and second hour. More information is available on our website (pattersonpark.org) and at the Welcome Desk in the main lobby.

Q. Which ordinances do you observe at PPC?

We practice two ordinances: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, or Holy Communion. The first Sunday of every month we celebrate an open Communion; that is, it is open to all believers who trust in Christ as their personal Savior, regardless of their affiliation with PPC.

Q. Can I get involved in church activities without becoming a member?

There are a number of activities where non-members can participate including Sunday school, classes, Bible studies, small groups, choir, hospitality, serving in various ways around the campus.  Leadership positions, however, are reserved for members, including Bible teachers, church officers and church committees.  One must also be a church member to vote at church business meetings.

Q. Do I have to be baptized in order to become a member?  To teach a class?

Yes, incoming members must be baptized, and only members are allowed to teach in classes for adults.

Q. What form of baptism do you practice?

We believe baptism by immersion (going under the water and coming up again) is the best picture of our identification with the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Q. If a person wishes to be a member but has been baptized by a different mode (e.g., sprinkling or pouring) is that mode of baptism acceptable?

As long as the individual was baptized as a believer (i.e., having previously placed his or her faith in Christ and understanding the significance of that baptism) baptism in any mode fulfills the baptism requirement for membership.

Q. How old does a child have to be to be baptized?

We do not baptize infants because they are too young to understand the significance of salvation or baptism; however, we provide opportunities at regular intervals for dedication of families where parents may bring children to present them to the Lord. 

When a child is mature enough to begin the process, our Pastor of Family Ministries provides a class designed to help children understand key concepts (the Gospel, baptism, communion, and the significance of being a follower of Jesus and being a part of the body of Christ, the Church). If the child is able to express his or her faith in Jesus and the parents and the Pastor of Family Ministries agree together that the child is ready and prepared to give his or her testimony, only then is the child presented to the church family for baptism.