81% of Non-Christians Do Not Personally Know a Christ-follower

Approximately 2-3 billion people live within people groups with no indigenous community of believing Christians that have the resources to evangelize them. These are the unreached people of the world.

How can PPC make a dent in this these numbers?

reaching the unreached in ghana graphic.png

PPC has a long-standing relationship with  International Needs (IN). IN Ghana is engaged in a strategic effort to reach two   unreached people groups: the Chala and   Kotokoli. After much prayer, an exploratory trip, and discussions with IN U.S., it is our   belief that God has uniquely positioned PPC to partner with IN to help them reach      these two people groups.


How can you join in?


Over the course of this five-year partnership, PPC will be providing awareness opportunities for you to become personally engaged in reaching the unreached. Listen actively. Ask questions. And then join in.


Prayer is the foundation of any movement of God. Pray regularly for the requests sent monthly in the PPC All Church Email. Join prayer meetings as they are offered. Begin your own prayer group on behalf of the Unreached.


Sign-up to go on one of the short-term evangelism or compassion mission trips to support our boots-on-the-ground partners in Ghana.