The bible is clear from genesis to revelation that god intends for his people to experience abundant life. 

So why are things such a mess? 

PPC is excited to introduce a new avenue for our recovery Ministry: 

Recovering Redemption: How Christ Changes Everything

This 12-week, ongoing, series by Pastor Matt Chandler addresses how the gospel is truly the remedy for all of life's challenges. We'll focus on the roots of our brokenness and destructive patterns of behavior and focus instead on the hope that adoption in Christ offers. 

It's time to start living like we believe in The ongoing power of redemption. 

Every Friday Night:
6-7 PM - Fellowship &  Refreshments
7-9:00  PM - Praise & worship,  testimonies, teaching & small group discussions
9-9:30  PM - Fellowship

This series is ongoing and participants may join at any time. 

Questions about PPC's Recovery Ministry?