Welcome to Winter Bible Study!  

Join us as we dig into God's Word together each week.  Experience refreshment, renewal, and encouragement as you meet new friends and allow the Lord to work in your heart.

We couldn't be more excited to offer a unique format this semester!  All classes will be studying the same course material. We pray our women will be blessed and experience great growth from studying the Sermon on the Mount together!

Take a look at the video to the left to see what this semester will look like.

A registration link is provided below the class description. Payment can be made at the time of registration or the first class session. 

** we ask that you join the study on the day you typically attend. This helps keep class sizes (both adult and children's classes) manageable based on the workers and teachers we have available on each day. **

Tuesday Morning 9-11am

February 6 - April 10

Childcare is available.

 Once registered, moms with children in child care will be scheduled to serve one time during the course of the semester. 

Tuesday Evening 7-8:30pm

February 6 - April 10

Thursday Morning 9-11am

february 8 - april 12

Childcare is available.

Once registered, moms with children in childcare may be scheduled to serve one time during the course of the semester.