Sunday Mornings  9:00am & 10:30am

Baa-Baa Babies Infant Nursery   (3 months to Walking)

Little Arky-Ologists   (Age 1 & Walking)

Camp Creation (Ages 2 & 3)

The Big Fish   (Ages 3 & 4)

               KidzWorship               Sunday school

PreK-1st grade              9:00am                     10:30am

2nd grade-4th grade   10:30am                     9:00am

5th grade               Worship Center               10:30am




 Sundays  6:00pm

PreK-5th grade

Room 200

A children's choir where the Word of God is presented through musicals and the leading of Sunday worship.

KidzPraise will begin on Sunday, September 15.


AWANA club meetings are jam-packed with life-changing experiences. The meetings are led by trained leaders with a love for Jesus and a desire to help young people learn Scriptures and the Gospel. Clubbers will experience the following:

Game Time- Individual and team competition takes place through circle games exclusive to AWANA.
Handbook Time- AWANA emphasizes memorization and understanding of key Bible verses that show how to know God and walk with Him. Awards and trophies reward each child's progress.
Devotion Time- Everyone gathers for large group Bible lessons.

 AWANA Registration Fair is Wednesday, August 28 at 6:30pm.

AWANA begins on Wednesday, September 4.


     KIDZ 101

This class is offered twice a year for any child who has accepted Christ. Children understand the decision they have made and what it means to live a Christian life.

The next Kidz101 class will be on October 9 & 16.